25628- 3rd RAS Pathway - Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

For decades, RAS proteins have been considered “undruggable.” This all changed following the recent approval of the first-ever targeted KRAS G12C therapy, marking a major landmark for this community. This breakthrough has certainly laid out a roadmap for future success, with more investment and innovation in the field than ever before, particularly within emerging discovery strategies being pursued by the biopharma industry.

Along with this success, significant efforts are now being placed within discovery of drugs which treat a broader range of RAS mutants beyond G12C. With this, the 3rd RAS Pathway- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit, will shine a spotlight onto pioneering discovery effort targeting the RAS/MAPK pathway, and benchmark the various innovative modalities being harnessed to target RAS mutations beyond G12C, giving you the opportunity to establish and accelerate your drug discovery platform by targeting the RAS/MAPK pathway at every turn.

Join this meeting to hear cutting-edge science and latest data on:

  • Drugging broader range of RAS mutants, from G12D, G12V & G12C
  • Emerging modalities targeting RAS beyond covalent inhibitors
  • Identification of target escape routes to further disrupt RAS/MAPK pathway signalling
  • Emerging discovery pipelines of direct and combination strategies targeting the RAS/MAPK pathway-driven cancers

Hear What Our Past Attendees Said

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"The meeting content successfully captured the latest goings on in the field, and brought together all the key players in a setting that encouraged interaction."

James Aggen, Senior Director - Medicinal Chemistry, Revolution Medicines

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“Cutting-edge science and transformative medicine presented and discussed in a stimulating environment."

Zhigang Weng, Director - Biology, Blueprint Medicines

Who Attended in 2021

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