Expanding RAS Druggability Beyond G12C

Recent clinical advancements of KRAS G12C inhibitors have generated increased interest in the fight to bring an end to RAS driven cancers. However, their specificity to only target G12C mutations, leaves huge untapped therapeutic potential to target all RAS driven cancers beyond the lungs. This calls for continued research efforts by industry and academic experts alike.

The Digital RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit is the premium forum for cellular, preclinical and translational RAS experts to explore potential strategies to tackle undrugged RAS oncogenes beyond KRAS G12C.

As part of our industry leading and dedicated RAS conference series, this exciting meeting focused on:

  • Identifying key learnings from known pre-clinical and clinical data for viable KRAS direct inhibitors to effectively drug all RAS isoforms
  • Exploring G12C pre-clinical and clinical data to optimise future RAS targeting strategies
  • Learning from the patterns of RAS mutations to understand prognostic or predictive power in various cancer types beyond lung cancer

This meeting unites senior experts from leading biotech, large pharma and pioneering academic institutions to identify future models and strategies for streamlining anti-RAS therapeutics into the clinic. 

Hear What Our Past Attendees Said

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"The meeting content successfully captured the latest goings on in the field, and brought together all the key players in a setting that encouraged interaction."

James Aggen, Senior Director - Medicinal Chemistry, Revolution Medicines

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“Cutting-edge science and transformative medicine presented and discussed in a stimulating environment."

Zhigang Weng, Director - Biology, Blueprint Medicines

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