RAS mutations are prevalent in approximately 30% of all cancers diagnosed, as such, the clinical, patient outcome and commercial opportunity are tremendous.

Following the exciting clinical progression from Amgen and Mirati Therapeutics, at a time when there is a translational opportunity to finally “drug” RAS proteins with clinically meaningful success, the 1st RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019 has been established at this critical time to unite the RAS research community together.

Join the leading minds from large pharma, biotech and academia who are striving to capitalize on the therapeutic opportunity of targeting RAS through novel target site discovery, improving the predictability of patient-derived RAS-models and accelerating the translation of potent & mutation-specific RAS targeted therapeutic strategies into human clinical trials.

“Taking part of the RAS– Targeted Drug Discovery Summit is a unique opportunity to share and debate breakthrough ideas which could eventually lead to novel effective therapies for RAS-driven cancers”

Laurent Debussche, Vice President, Global Head Molecular Oncology Research Therapeutic Area, Sanofi R&D

 “This is a fantastic opportunity to bring the RAS research community together, at a time when there is a real prospect of finally drugging this important target”

Yi Liu, Chief Scientific Officer, Wellspring Biosciences

Download the agenda for the upcoming
RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit Europe.

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