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Uniting The Anti-RAS Drug Development Field- From Early Discovery to Clinical Development

With numerous approaches emerging that demonstrate genuinely viable efficacy in targeting the RAS proteins, join the RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit – the only industry and translational focused conference dedicated to advancing pioneering RAS biology and drug discovery into successful clinical candidates.

Why You Should Attend?

Logo/Icon RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019

Leverage the latest understanding of the dynamics and function of RAS biology to identify mutation-specific vulnerabilities with insights from Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center & University of Eastern Finland

Logo/Icon RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019

Enable your RAS drug discovery efforts by harnessing the latest tools and technologies with insights from Sanofi, Bayer & Texas Health Science Canter

Logo/Icon RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019

Overcome drug resistance, chemistry & pharmacology hurdles of rational and direct anti-RAS therapies for robust translation into clinical development with insights from Mirati Therapeutics, Amgen & AstraZeneca 

Logo/Icon RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019

Optimize predictability of patient-derived RAS-models, patient selection and anti-RAS combination strategies with insights from Eli Lilly, BiotheryX & Dana- Farber Cancer 

Logo/Icon RAS-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2019

Join the momentum to reverse the undruggable nature of RAS proteins and seize the enormous therapeutic potential in anti-RAS strategies with insights from Wellspring Biosciences, Revolution Medicines & Kura Oncology

Following the success of RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit in Boston, we will re-unite the RAS community in Vienna this coming February.

Join 80+ of the leading minds from large pharma, biotech and academia in Europe who are striving to capitalise on the therapeutic opportunity of targeting RAS through advancing novel target site discovery, improving drug-like properties and accelerating the translation of potent and mutation-specific RAS targeted therapeutic strategies into human clinical trials. Visit the website to learn more.