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We caught up with Huaixiang Hao, Investigator III at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research for his exclusive insights on this fast evolving field.

Speker interview

Speaker interview with: 

Huaixiang Hao, Investigator III

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

"If we can successfully drug each RAS mutant or several of them, the number of cancer patients who may get clinical benefits, especially in combination with other targeted- or immunotherapies, will be tremendous!"

After three decades of attempts to drug RAS family of proteins, why are you excited about this field now and what has changed to finally drug the “undruggable” RAS?

First, I am excited about the promising clinical progress with KRAS G12C inhibitor and the farnesylation inhibitor for HRAS. Second, I am optimistic on the potential of new modalities targeting KRAS mutant cells such as immunotherapies with checkpoint inhibitors and CAR/TCR/adpotive T cell therapies and the opportunities with new technologies (eg, CRISPR for identification of synthetic lethal targets, DEL for binders and targeted protein degradation). Lastly, we now have improved RAS reagents/cell lines and much more understanding of mutant KRAS biology.