"I am looking forward to participating in this summit focused on one of the most elusive oncology drug targets of the past three decades. The first wave of mutant-targeted therapeutics has entered the clinic, and we will soon understand the single-agent utility and potential for combination treatments with covalent G12C-mutant inhibitors. This discussion will advance our understanding of the translational pharmacology for this target, and set the stage for the 2nd generation KRAS-modulating therapies yet to come"

Matt Marx

Matthew A. Marx
Vice President, Drug
Mirati Therapeutics

Laurent Debussche
Vice President, Global Head Molecular Oncology Research Therapeutic Area
Sanofi R&D

Laurent Debussche

"Taking part of the RAS–Targeted Drug Discovery summit is a unique opportunity to share and debate breakthrough ideas which could eventually lead to novel effective therapies for RAS-driven cancers, which represent a major unmet medical need for over 1 million new KRAS cancers annually worldwide"

"This is a fantastic opportunity to bring the RAS research community together, at a time when there is a real prospect of finally drugging this important target. I hope to learn more about the many different strategies being pursued in the field"

Yi Liu

Yi Liu
Chief Scientific Officer
Wellspring Biosciences

Benjamin Bader
Senior Scientist, Small Molecule Innovation
Bayer AG


Benjamin Bader

"This meeting will bring together many experts in RAS Drug Discovery both from academia and pharma industry. Fifteen years ago, RAS was deemed undruggable, but now the field has exploded and new ways to tackle the undruggable are being explored"

"This is the first RAS meeting focusing on drug discovery that I am aware of and it covers several therapeutic modalities targeting RAS. I look forward to the learnings and discussions with invited speakers and summit participants"

Huaixiang Hao

Huaixiang Hao
Investigator III
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research