2022 Partners


Lead Partner

We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in technologies to assess key processes in PROTAC-induced protein degradation: compound binding and permeability, ternary complex formation, ubiquitination, and trafficking to proteasome. Assay live cells in kinetic mode to determine target protein degradation rates, DC50 potency values, and recovery profiles. Let’s collaborate.


Resistance Bio


Innovation Partner

resistanceBio is a target and drug discovery platform company focused on identifying novel therapies that overcome treatment-resistant cancer and enable personalized precision medicine.

Platform:  We’ve developed an in vitro and ex vivo cancer evolution model (the ResCu system®) that maps the cancer resistome by mimicking natural tumor response to treatment. ResCu and patient data combine to create our cancer resistome database. ResCu allows us to exploit novel cancer and immuno-oncology targets through deep learning and biological validation for better therapeutic outcomes for patients.



Applied BioMath

Program Partner

Applied BioMath applies biosimulation, including quantitative systems pharmacology, PKPD, bioinformatics, machine learning, clinical pharmacology, and software solutions to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk therapeutic research and development. Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through all phases of clinical trials.