9:00 am

Online Log In & Coffee Networking

9:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Diversified Early Discovery & Preclinical Strategies for Maximal Translation into Clinic

10:00 am Efficient & Rapid Degradation of KRAS

  • Gopal Sapkota Program Leader in Protein Phosphorylation, University of Dundee

10:30 am Non-Covalent Allosteric Inhibition – Optimising Design of Small Molecule Allosteric Inhibitors of KRAS

  • Juan Perez Professor & Scientific Advisor, Allinky Biopharma

11:00 am Optimising RAS Inhibitor Translation Towards Clinical Standard of Care

  • Colin Lindsay Clinical Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester; Medical Oncology Consultant , The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

11:30 am

Morning Break & Virtual Speed Networking

12:30 pm PROTAC® Degraders to Target KRAS G12C and Beyond

1:00 pm RAS G12C Oxidation & Kinetic Characterisation of Inhibitors

  • Sharon Campbell Liebscher Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina

1:30 pm Insights into Novel Vulnerabilities in Oncogenic RAS: Drugging the “Undruggable”

2:00 pm RAS Dynamic Membrane Interactions

  • Tommy Turbyville Principal Scientist, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

2:30 pm

Lunch & Virtual Speed Networking

Better Understanding Mechanisms of Resistance to Enhance Clinical Outcomes

3:30 pm Drugging the RAS (ON) Form of Diverse Oncogenic RAS Mutations

  • Steve Kelsey President, Research & Development , Revolution Medicines

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Mechanisms of Resistance for Combination Therapies

5:00 pm KRAS inhibitors: The Tip of the Iceberg & Mechanisms of Resistance

  • Shubham Pant Associate Professor GI Medical Oncology, Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics, MD Anderson Cancer Center

5:30 pm

End of Digital RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit