Panel Discussion: Revealing Signaling Vulnerabilities: Reviewing Emerging Targets for RAS Mutated Cancers

Time: 2:40 pm
day: Day One


As the landscape of approaches targeting RAS mutated cancers continues to grow, there are a whole host of investigational inhibitors focused on targeting the RAS signaling pathway and the high value targets which exist within. Now more than ever, it is critical to understand the regulatory mechanisms downstream and upstream of RAS and consider the emerging targets from within this signaling cascade that present valuable discovery targets against RAS-driven tumors.

This session will:

  • Review the RAS signaling cascade and the interplay between regulatory proteins
  • Consider the importance of each node within the signaling pathway & what these offers for drug discovery and targeting
  • Benchmark current discovery research targeting the RAS signaling pathways and consider future strategies
  • Identifying existing and future potential novel RAS signaling therapeutic vulnerabilities