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Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross

Company: AstraZeneca, Early Oncology TDE

Job title: Team Leader & Lead Bioscientist


I am a team leader and lead bioscientist in the Early Oncology TDE group at AstraZeneca and have worked across a wide variety of projects within our small molecule and biologics oncology portfolio. Over the last 5 years I have been focused on drug discovery projects which directly target Ras1 and was significantly involved in a collaboration which developed a potent and selective next-generation clinical KRAS antisense oligonucleotide 2, 3. More recently I have been working on developing small molecule targets of oncogenic Ras.

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  3. Linnane E, Davey P, Zhang P, Puri S, Edbrooke M, Chiarparin E, et al. Differential uptake, kinetics and mechanisms of intracellular trafficking of next-generation antisense oligonucleotides across human cancer cell lines. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019.



Developing Small Molecule Inhibitors of KRASG12C 11:30 am

Discovery of novel G12C inhibitors Overview of activity in preclinical disease models Building an understanding of what mediates sensitivity/resistance to G12C inhibitorsRead more

day: Day Two

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